Fifty-three days after the disappearance, Bangladeshi journalist Shafiqul Islam Kajol who was disappeared before Fifty-three days appeared in public and was taken to police custody at a border town 150 miles from where he had last been seen.

He has told his son by phone “I am alive,” as the first time the family had heard his voice since his disappearance in early March, a day after a case was filed against him and 31 others under the country’s controversial new Digital Security Act.

Journalist’s son has mentioned “He was scared, he was worried, he was crying and breaking down every one or two sentences”. It was further stated by Amnesty International that Kajol faces seven years in prison under the digital security act and his family has begged authorities to release him to protect him from the threat of Covid-19 inside Bangladesh’s crowded prisons. Rights groups suggested Kajol may have been forcibly disappeared on 10 March, a day after the case was filed against him by a ruling party politician for sharing a Facebook that “could deteriorate law and order”. Amnesty said his arrest followed posts he wrote criticising an alleged sex-trafficking ring run by an official in the ruling Awami League.


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