Bangladesh is lifting the ban on public transport services from May 31, the day offices will reopen on a limited scale, as it further loosens strict lockdown measures.

State Minister to Public Administration Farhad Hossain said public transport system would be allowed but services will be scaled down throughout the country from May 31 to Jun 15 on condition that the health safety guidance be adhered to amid the coronavirus crisis.

He told on Wednesday night, “The decision to resume public transport services with a limited number of passengers was added by the prime minister after she gave the green light regarding reopening of offices from May 31 to Jun 15.”

“Vehicles can move all over the country since many people do not have private cars and need to travel,” he added.

The effectiveness of the measures designed to contain the spread of coronavirus in this timescale would be assessed, and the next move would be decided accordingly, State Minister Farhad added.

Claiming that 95 percent of the people who were going outdoors had been using masks, he said, “The other five percent need to be made to use them as well.”

Earlier, the government announced the decision not to extend the ongoing shutdown over the coronavirus outbreak, allowing offices to reopen on May 31.

Offices and other workplaces will be allowed to operate on a limited scale until Jun 15, subject to their compliance with several health and hygiene directives.


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