It was reported on Sunday (October 11) that an Attorney-at-Law who had appeared in the Gampaha Court has been admitted to hospital for treatment of COVID-19.

The BASL wishes to propose that the following steps are taken immediately as precautionary measures :-

  1. Make it mandatory to wear masks in public places and places of work;
  2. Compel all institutions to take appropriate steps to comply with mandatory health
  3. Access to all public places to be restricted until further notice;
  4. Identify the categories of business establishments to be kept fully accessible to the public,
    and which other institutions have to be kept partially opened and the establishments that
    ought to be closed;
  5. Mandatory minimum precautions to be introduced;

TheCourt houses are places where the public have access to, immediate precautionary steps are needed to implement the health regulations in such premises.

Apart from the implementation of the above guidelines, a firm decision to be taken whether the work in courts have to be temporarily suspended or not.

In view of the detection made relating to the Lady Lawyer, courts of Gampaha and Colombo are likely to be exposed to the problem. If no prudent and reasonable steps are taken, the spread of the Virus will have an impact on the Judges, Court staff, Lawyers, Assistants, Officials, parties and witnesses attending Courts and their families.

This factor cannot be ignored and they strongly recommend that a decision be taken in consultation with all stakeholders.


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